Thursday, October 2, 2008

'Twas the night before the party......

Well, it's official.... Daxter is turning 9 (there are honestly days that I did not think he would make it, given his attitude and behaviour as of late.... please, someone tell me it is just a phase!). His party is tomorrow, not his actual birthdate, but close enough. This is the first time we are having an evening party as Daxter wanted a Spooky Theme (definitely NOT a Halloween Party). We do a family party... meaning we have parents and kids come for the fun. I figure if I am gonna go all out and decorate, plan food and games then there better darn well be a whole lotta people here to enjoy it!

Just in case you were wondering I do have a decorating addiction. I currently have cheesecloth curtains adorning every window in my home with hundreds of tiny spiders (all of them fake, I hope!) living in them. I have HUGE pumpkins throughout the house as well as a dozen or so tiny pie pumpkins for an added touch. I found some awesome paper mache spiders and those are hanging over chandeliers and lamps.. clinging on, waiting to find their next meal.

I will try and take pictures tomorrow when it's all done as I still have lots to do in the morning.

Daxter and I are making the cake too, so that will be the surpirse for everyone tomorrow.

Keep Giggling!

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