Sunday, April 27, 2008

Too Busy To Blog.......

Well, I have had no time to upload any of my pics or write anything on my blog but I 've shown Daxter the ropes on his blog... aren't I nice?

I let him use my computer today to update his blog.... for security reasons I will not allow him access to his blog on his computer until I see that he knows what he is doing.... not perfectly, but enough to stay out of trouble.
I have ALL websites blocked on the kids' computers until I enter a password to allow them access. May seem harsh, but it works and my kids are safe.

So Daxter was on my computer this afternoon uploading and editting pics and adding text to his blog.......copying and pasting html..... he got the hang of it all pretty darn quick and I still haven't decided if that is a good thing or not :)
He is, after all, quite adept at math and science...... I have visions of my 8 year old turning into a computer hacker extraordinaire....... ok, not likely to happen but I am after all his mother and it is my job to worry right?

Daxter is all gung ho about his blog so I am sure my blog time will be limited for the next little while.... I hope to have some pics uploaded tomorrow sometime .... unless Daxter beats me to it.
Did I happen to mention that Ratchet wants a blog too????? Let's break the news to Hubby (aka Master Chief) that I need another computer for my desk..... how well do you think that will go over LOL?

Thank you to all who have gone to Daxter's Blog and left a comment.... he is so excited about blogging.... and to think it's educational too! Shhhhhh don't tell Daxter!

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