Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Project Continues.......

Today was a rather uneventful day..... so I had some time to upload pics of our project to date. I will try to keep up with it as I go along from now on..... please bear with me :)

binder cover

Cover... all three boys have the same - just with their name on it.... not too creative am I?

regions of the brain

Daxter's Regions of the Brain Coloring - his brothers colored their own but their creative tendencies shone through and the lines were alas not stayed within.

lift the flap diagram of the skull and brain

I absolutely love these diagrams! They are layered to show each section of the skull and brain..... we didn't color this one first like we were supposed to.... oops.

systems of the body lift the flap

This is the Systems of the Body Diagram that Daxter colored.... I colored one for Ratchet too but I like Daxter's better :) The layered diagrams are awesome learning tools.... I need to find more!

Daxter's drawing of a neuron

This is a diagram of a Neuron that Daxter drew...... he labelled it and copied the definition below.

Halo's dot-to-dot of the brain

This is Halo's dot-to-dot of the brain :) Not too techinical.

Ratchet's body system labelling

This is Ratchet's Systems of The Body Labelling..... he praticed cutting skills and gluing. Gluing is a VERY important skill to learn - otherwise it gets VERY messy!

neuron necklace

Nerve Necklace - each boy made one and wore it for all of 3 seconds... they are hanging on our bulletin board now.

brain origami
brain origami

Brain Origami.... formerly known as a "cootie catcher" (by me anyway!)

parts of the brain cards (inside)
parts of the brain cards (outside)
parts of the brain - hearing

Parts of the Brain Cards - inside and outside the brain... the cut-out cards are placed over the brain to highlight specific areas... the senses etc.

flash cards for Ratchet and Halo
body parts flash cards for Ratchet and Halo
organs flashcards
cells flashcards - red bad, blue good

All sorts of flashcards.......for the younger two.... laminated for durability (I would laminate twice if I could) - organs, body parts, large organ cards, cells

Well, that's it so far.... hope it gives you some ideas.

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