Sunday, April 27, 2008

I resort to late-night blogging.......

Well, Daxter (and the other boys) are asleep so now is my time to relax..... and what do I do? I blog :)

I have been meaning to get some pics of our "school room" on here, so now is my chance.

I still do not have a full room shot because , well, it was a mess.... I also did not take a picture of Daxter's desk, or the wonderful bulletin board above it because I had just taken down all of our winter decor and I am still in the midst of putting up some more seasonally pertinent things. Those pictures will come later on.

So here it is....... where it all happens...... ok, not always.... sometimes we end up in the kitchen, other times we end up at my desk, or dad's..... and so on. When there is a moment to learn, we grab it.... doesn't matter where we are.


The bookshelf... or should I say wall? Would you believe I still do not have enough room for all of our books?


The Creation Station - full of all sorts of craft supplies.... paper (of all sorts), stickers, stamps, stencils, fancy scissors and more! Keeps the kids occupied for hours.


The Manipulative Corner..... in here you will find puzzles, tangrams, math counters, science tools (human heart 3D puzzle, 3D skeleton puzzle etc.), lifecycle characters (butterfly, frog, ladybug, ant), dominoes, dice, musical instruments and more!
On the top shelf are some teacher resource books to use with some of the manipulatives, science kits and a few games.


Our Felt Board. Right now it is a map board as you can see... ...very versatile. The shelf on top holds some story books that I have made felt stories for and the baskets hold more than school stuff - trust me.... from the kitty's harness and leash, suntan lotion and the latest... bug spray... they are a catch all and I like it that way :)

Hope these give you some ideas, and if you can come up with any new ones.... please pass them on to me... I am always looking for ways to organize all of our schooly stuff because it seems to multiply like crazy!


Summer Fae said...

I love the creation station! My kids would love to have that here. I might have to find someway to do that here for the summer.

Anonymous said...

AH you are sooo organized and lucky. My hs room is much smaller. I can't wait until my babies are big enough that I can do the craft station like yours. Be a couple years. One still likes the taste of crayons apparantly! You are awesome!

Kristenph said...

Wow! I love to see an organized room. Where did you get the bookshelves?

Who We Are......... said...

I put in an order for the custom made shelves.... they were made by hubby :) I design them and he measures them to fit :) He has made 3 more wall sized ones throughout the house as well as some smaller ones. I get my books at really good prices but the shelving ends up costing more than the books! I actually have an "order" for one in the younger boys' room .... still waiting :)

Brenda said...

WOW!!! I am in love with your classroom!!!! I really, really like the creation station. Oh, if I could just get everything in one place--my kids would be in heaven.

Great job!

~~Rhonda~~ said...

I really like you wall of book shelf. I was trying to go for the same thing. But our walls are huge so we got a system for about half. Great room though.

Oh I found you at Brendas blog.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Can I come live at your house? My school room is the dining room -- and most times the dining room table is so full of books and such that we eat dinner watching TV in the living room!!! Great set-up (and, yes, I DO believe your shelves don't hold ALL your school books -- I do have a wall of shelves like yours, and STILL have stuff that won't fit either!)
Lori :)
Raising 4 boys for the glory of God