Sunday, April 13, 2008

Halo's ABC Lapbook in a Binder

Halo knows most of his alphabet to see them (although his rendition of the ABC song is quite unique). So I did not want to spend a lot of time on all of the letters he already knew nor did I want to put together something that would only be good for the Alphabet (that's a lot of cutting and pasting!). So I came up with what I hope is a good idea.

Halo's ABC Lapbook in a Binder.

I started with a rainbow of 26 cardstock pages. Each letter starts of with one page. The letters he already knows get only one page. The other letters that he needs help with will get as many pages as he needs to learn it lol! All of the pages for a letter will be the same color... to keep it organized for Halo and to satisfy my OCD tendancies.

I hope to add some early reading portions to each page as well..... there is a mini reader for each page so far but I may add more later. The joys of lapbooking... you can always add more.... it's when to stop that's the problem!


First page - letter Aa

Mini Book

Top left mini book..... it's a reader.... we read it BEFORE he colored it lol!

Book I colored

top right mini book... I love these little books so I just had to color them!


contents of pockets..... little cutout pictures of things that start with Aa, the word is on the back for him to learn

Back of First Page.... Printing Practice

back of first page... printing practice... and more lovely coloring :)


Alex said...

Hi there! I really like the little ABC books you used and the little you mind sharing where you found them?


Who We Are......... said...

I got the mini books from a few different resources. Scholastic Read and Write ABC's, Monday Morning ABC Mini Books, Alpha Tales A-Z letter formation practice pages, Alphabet Pocket Fun (Edupress)....hope this gets you started :)